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Enlightened-Life Retreat

November 24-30, 2023

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Rapidly achieve Enlightenment in this lifetime! Take home teachings that lead you to a quantum leap of consciousness.

Program created and led by

Master Del Pe

BIHC Founder, Modern Sage, Life Mentor and Author of 12 books





Months' Mentoring Program!

Master Del Pe has created this comprehensive program to spiritually initiate participants into finding their highest path in life. After immersion in this program, they will experience an awakening of and connection to their soul resulting in a spiritual alchemy. Any serious seeker on the higher path will find this enlightenment process not only a blessing, but an experience worth living for.

Many people around the world waste their time doing meditation, yoga and spiritual rituals in the hope that they will one day become enlightened. This is a myth that needs to be rectified. In order to awaken one’s soul and nurture the ego, life mentoring is required. This approach avoids old-fashioned, trial-and-error methods that waste a lot of the seeker’s time, resources, and opportunities to get enlightened and make a big difference to society.

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E-book included

with the retreat!

Learn more about the Enlightened-Life Retreat at our info sessions​:

November 2:

2 pm GMT/ 10 pm Philippine Time

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Level 1 Curriculum

Rule 1: Be Enlightened to get Enlightened

How can one be enlightened first to be able to understand the path of enlightenment? Using the wisdom of the ages, aspirants on the path of enlightenment should learn the requirements and understand the difficulties of the serious path called "Enlightenment". The requirements and guidelines needed to begin this path are explained here.


They include:

  • What is enlightenment?

  • Who needs enlightenment?

  • How does enlightenment work?

  • Why do we need enlightenment?

  • How can we achieve enlightenment?

BEwell Science, Basic

Heal your past, transform your present and empower your future. Learn to heal yourself and your family, unblock your life, overcome stress and rejuvenate yourself, sleep better, reverse your aging process, harmonize and balance your life.

Rule 2: Know Thyself: E-SWOT Analysis

This Enlightenment SWOT analysis helps participants to establish measurable landmarks on the path of enlightenment. This inventory will help evaluate the Strengths and Opportunities available for their enlightenment. It opens the mind to look at yourself differently and in a new direction. It can also help you to increase your productivity so that you perform beyond your expectations

Divine Alchemy, Level 1

Divine Alchemy is one of the most advanced requirements for all initiation levels. In this program you will:

  1. Study the esoteric and exoteric functions of the 15 major chakras (energy centers)

  2. Learn about their roles in higher development and initiation

  3. Awaken and activate their spiritual functions through alchemy

  4. Use mantras to re-engineer them into the New Divine Design

Rock Balancing

Level 2 Curriculum

Prerequisite to Level 2: BEwell Science, Intermediate

Rule 3: Balance Material Success and Spiritual Life

You can fly high with 2 great wings - material and spiritual success. Wise use of resources, under the just and equitable guidance of the enlightened will distribute wealth to all deserving people and projects. These wealthy and enlightened leaders will help fund global missions and the work of new saints and spiritual teachers. We begin by being the balanced, enlightened human beings the world needs to see.

Rule 4: Don't Expect Enlightenment to be Magic

If you ever decide to work hard and apply yourself fully, choose the spiritual path because it will produce a more permanent gain that will stay with you into your next life or hereafter. Superior lighting requires constant effort at any time. The wonderful thing is that with a systematic curriculum and high impact global service through a spiritual teacher's group, the acceleration to will bypass many lifetimes of research and experimentation in enlightenment.

Rule 5: Don't Work for Enlightenment: Let Enlightenment Work for You

Use your enlightenment gains as a lubricant for your goals and mission in life. Work diligently to develop a certain level of wisdom, discrimination, and creative power to produce results super fast. One needs a life with less karma, less distraction and less self sabotage to be able to achieve a flawless result. Pursue character building to become more aligned with your Soul. You can then enjoy the results and have a guaranteed victory.

Rule 6: Understand and Apply the Law of Karma in your Favor

Learn the law of karma, its rules and ramifications. The best thing to do is to let go and learn the lesson well, so as to become wiser. Learn to make karma work in your favor. Apply it in your favor daily.

Divine Alchemy, Level 2

In this program, you will learn esoteric strategies to transform and transmute yourself into a world class spiritual disciple.


You will:

  • Study the deeper aspects of the science of transformation and transmutation for initiation

  • Awaken 13 pairs chakral pairs and enhance their dharmic functions for advanced character building

  • Learn how to clean the chakras, kundalini and sushumna with advanced breathing methods, divine light and other esoteric techniques

  • Experiment with soul energy to transform and strengthen the personality faster through alchemy

What you can gain...

  • Balance your material and spiritual life

  • Profile your strengths and opportunities for enlightenment

  • Apply cutting-edge life tools for self-healing and virtue development

  • Use karma in your favor to transform your life

  • Learn how to play big in life to help the world

Meditation Class
Full Moon

A once-in-a-lifetime experience...

A priceless spiritual experience that transports your consciousness beyond obsolescence to arrive at the doorstep of enlightenment.

This retreat coincides with the Sagittarius Full Moon, during which you can download the Virtue of Benevolence with the accompanying qualities of:

  • Gentleness with inclusiveness

  • Generosity with friendliness

  • Sincerity with straightfowardness

  • Capacity to be happy and fulfilled

Here is what you will get...

Want to join the in-person retreat?

  • Training Curriculum for Enlightened-Life Retreat (Levels 1 or 2)

  • Extra live lectures and engagements with Master Del Pe

  • Networking and interaction with Master Del Pe, his team of senior healers and mentors

  • Full Moon Group Meditation for alignment and virtue-development

  • Group Healing to boosting your vitality, calm your emotions and sharpen your mind

  • Visit to Natural Therapeutic Hot Springs

  • Martial Arts Yoga Science and other outdoor activities

  • Entertainment program with live performances, dancing and karaoke

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Accommodation at MDP Village Retreat Resort

  • Organic vegetarian meals

  • Certificate of Completion from the BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness


Your Itinerary








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Master Del Pe Mountain View.jpg

Master Del Pe


Spiritual Master | Miraculous Healer | Life Mentor
Philanthropist | Spiritual Entrepreneur


Master Del Pe is internationally known as the guru who wears many hats. His background is very diverse and rich with the alchemy of the best of the eastern wisdom and western knowledge. Some know him by different trades as a spiritual master, miraculous healer, martial arts master, world expert of meditation and the 8 types of yoga, humanitarian, social transformer, engineer, philanthropist and spiritual entrepreneur.

Author of 12 books centered on self-development and self-mastery, he has created over 200 courses, 150 of which are available online, taught under his 3 international organizations: Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA), World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) and BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC). His expertise in World Philosophies, World Religions and World Culture are direct learning and experience living in many cultures and travelling to over 100 countries while teaching and healing over 400,000 clients globally.

Considered as a modern sage by his students around the world, and a life mentor to CEOs, corporations, world leaders and governments, Master Del Pe has dedicated his life to training students globally on spirituality, Balanced-Life strategies and leadership through wisdom. Through his teachings, he brings to humanity the concept of 'Flying high with 2 balanced wings - spiritual and material' to help them live their greatest life and be completely fulfilled.

He created BIHC to be the pioneering training organization along the line of Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Science, Spiritual Technology, Divine Alchemy, Healing Science and Aquarian Life Philosophy. He developed a mountain resort in the Philippines in the most pristine environment as the world headquarter for his 3 institutes. Master Del Pe trains and certifies world-class healing specialists and spiritual trainers to mentor and heal clients from around the world via online services or in-person. Many international students also come to his MDP Village Resort for healing, spiritual apprenticeship, spiritual retreats and certification to become a trainer or specialist.

He has lived in many countries before he settled sown as an entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 2015, he came back to the Philippines to develop a new resort, MDP Village, as he is focusing on training and mentoring students from around the world on the path of longevity, enlightenment and healing. All in all, he wants to be known as the one who teaches people to "master life ahead of its time".

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