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Family and Children's Development Department

BIHC's Family and Children's Development Science Path Department brings surefire strategies to manage families with better organized leadership and harmony leading towar
- mission, vision

Featured Program

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Parents' and Children's Empowerment Retreat

“For some, it is easier to manage a corporation than to manage a family. Professionals have degrees and training in business management,
but not in Parenthood.

Someday there will be a Masters in Parenting...
And then the world will be different.”

- Master Del Pe

Programs for Parents

Level 1

Do you strive to manage your family with more organized leadership and better-quality parenting? Discover how to apply the BIHC Family Department's best tools, practices, philosophies, psychologies, and breakthrough strategies to maximize performance and balance life as a family. 

Level 2


Programs for Children

Champions of Life

This program empowers children and teens to attain their highest achievable enlightenment resulting in s​ervice to Humanity and the world as early as possible. It augments the current educational curriculum by integrating the 5 levels of ascending intelligences, street smart skills, inner development and universality to become leaders of leaders as early as possible. It is aimed at harmonizing the best of tradition with globalization, so that children become transformed global citizens.


This program can be offered as an after-school activity that connects young people around the world to work on local and global initiatives, to instill greater appreciation of other cultures and to help children explore their life path at an early age.

Programs for
the Entire Family

Parents' and Childrens' Empowerment Retreat

Discover a family life beyond your higher expectations! Equip yourself with new family management methods and your children with self-management tools to stay out of trouble and perform at their highest best!

Bring your family to the MDP Village and enjoy the atmosphere of fun and exploration, where parents and children can learn new skills, connect with nature, and discover the beauty of harmony through diversity:

  • Daily family group healings

  • Martial Arts-Yoga Science and meditation for self-management and development

  • Visits to the natural therapeutic hot springs

  • Family bonding and entertainment nights

  • Talent unfoldment

  • Outdoor recreation, parlor games, trekking, camping, river safari and nature walks

  • Self-protection, self-defense and survival training

  • Organic food and vegetarian meals

  • Comfortable accomodations

  • Certificate of completion from BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC)

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