New Workshop! Join the Live Premiere

November 26 and 27, 2022, 7pm to 11pm Philippine Time

Equip yourself with wisdom-intelligence

Come to an 8+ Hour experiential journey to equip yourself with wisdom-intelligence to stay out of trouble and thrive even during the most challenging times of our Planetary Life. Learn from Master Del Pe’s own personal experience as an author, engineer, martial arts master, esoteric scientist, master healer and spiritual teacher. Install in your consciousness the 5-step esoteric algorithm to mine wisdom in the fastest way possible. Come to this workshop to:

Learning Objectives

Join this new workshop by Master Del Pe to:

  1. Be introduced to the 5 levels of ascending intelligences and their key functions to maximize life’s journey.
  2. Evaluate your current learning style and pursue a new way of attaining wisdom.
  3. Learn how to learn at one’s maximum level, wisely.
  4. Get equipped with a new strategy to digest and internalize knowledge, and then transmute knowledge into wisdom.
  5. Know how to apply and functionalize knowledge to maximize performance and effectiveness.
  6. Design a practical sequence to internalize and own one’s wisdom.
  7. Study how to master the 5-steps of becoming wiser faster and perform beyond excellence
  8. Create a weekly schedule to master ‘the Path from Knowledge to Wisdom’.

Course Details

  • Schedules

    The premiere of this workshop will be broadcasted live on October 29 and 30, 2022 at 7pm to 11pm Philippine Time.

  • Pre-requisites

    You must be a graduate of BEwell Science Basic to attend this course.

  • Investment

    500 USD. This includes digital downloads of the 12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment ebook, JustBE aligned and Namascar Meditation.

Investment: $ 500

1-month full access to the course

How to Enroll

1. Make your payment of 500 USD to:

Bank Name: EastWest Bank

Account Name: Roshni Ashok

Account Number: 200054520548


2. Email payment confirmation or bank deposit slip to

In the subject field, put your name followed by the name of the course.

Example: John Doe, The Path from Knowledge to Wisdom

3. Look for the course on your dashboard. 

Once we confirm that the payment has been received, we will activate the course on your dashboard. The link to the zoom meeting will be available inside the course.


Please feel free to reach out to us at or at +63.918.600.5815 (WhatsApp).