About the Program

Master Del Pe designed this comprehensive program to spiritually jumpstart participants to find their higher path and start creating breakthroughs in their life. After this immersion program, participants will experience a quantum leap of consciousness leading to inner life initiation. The spiritual initiation performed by Master Del Pe with the participants includes awakening their Soul connection while activating their sacred fire to a high degree, resulting in spiritual alchemy. Any serious seeker of the higher path will find this enlightenment process not only a blissful experience but worth dying for.

Many people around the world waste time doing meditation, yoga and spiritual rituals in the hope that one day they will get enlightened. This is a myth that needs to be rectified. For one to awaken their Soul and culture their ego, practitioners require a serious curriculum and life-mentoring. This approach avoids the old ways of trial and error which waste a lot of the seeker’s time, resources and opportunities to get enlightened and make a big difference to society.

Master Del Pe and his team will spiritually culture the participants with state-of-the-art esoteric tools, guided by a curriculum that molds their personality and character to meet a fast-track requirement towards enlightenment. What they can’t achieve in a lifetime of laborious religious work will be attained in just a few months of training and mentoring. The intensive program has 3 levels.

This retreat will coincide with the Taurus Full Moon, one of the highest energies of the year and one that bestows those who will receive the Virtue of Wisdom aligned with Divine Purpose with the accompanying qualities of:

  • Resilient adherence to spiritual purpose
  • Love with discrimination
  • Alignment to truth
  • Illumination consciousness with synthesizing will
  • Group consciousness

The new era’s esoteric template called the Aquarian matrix designs will be stamped on the souls and personalities of servers to be promoted to the next level of world service.

While in deep group meditations, the group initiation will empower you on the path of self-mastery and enlightenment.

Retreat Levels

Enlightened-Life Retreat Level 1 (7-day program): May 13 - 19, 2022

  • Rule 1: Be Enlightened to Get Enlightened

  • BEwell Science Basic

  • Divine Alchemy Level 1

  • Rule 2: Know Thyself

  • Aquarian Martial Arts Yoga Science

  • Taurus Full Moon Meditation Service, Inner Alignment and Initiation

  • Group Healing and Life Mentoring

Enlightened-Life Retreat Level 2 (7-day program): May 13 - 19, 2022

  • BEwell Science: Intermediate

  • Rule 3: Balance Your Material Success And Spiritual Life

  • Rule 4: Don’t Expect Enlightenment As Magic

  • Rule 5: Don’t Work for Enlightenment: Let Enlightenment Work For You

  • Rule 6: Understand And Apply The Law of Karma In Your Favor

  • Divine Alchemy Level 2

  • Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science

  • Taurus Full Moon Meditation Service, Inner Alignment and Initiation

  • Group Healing and Life Mentoring

Enlightened-Life Retreat Level 3

  • Rule 1: Be Enlightened to Get Enlightened
  • Divine Alchemy Level 3
  • Rule 2: Know Thyself
  • Aquarian Martial Arts Yoga Science
  • Taurus Full Moon Meditation Service, Inner Alignment and Initiation
  • Group Healing and Life Mentoring

Curriculum Excerpts

BEwell Science, Basic

Heal your past, transform your present and empower your future. Learn how to heal yourself and your family, unblock your life, overcome stress and rejuvenate, sleep better, reverse your aging process, plus harmonize and balance your life.

BEwell Science, Intermediate 

Study more advanced methods of BEwell Science and develop as a Coach-Healer. Discover the more advanced functions of the chakras and their 3 layer system plus explore the relationship of the chakras with the organs and systems of the body.

Rule 1: Be Enlightened to Get Enlightened

How can one get enlightened first to be able to understand the path of enlightenment? This can be confusing to most readers. Using the wisdom of the ages, the aspirant on the path of enlightenment must be educated at first to know the requirements and understanding the intricacies of this serious path called ‘enlightenment’. This workshop, based on Master Del Pe’s 12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment book, will spell out the requirements and necessary guidelines for you to get started on the path of enlightenment. Understand this path by discovering the answers to the questions:

  • What is enlightenment?
  • Who needs enlightenment?
  • How does enlightenment work?
  • Why do we need enlightenment?
  • How can we achieve enlightenment in this lifetime?

Rule 2: Know Thyself: E-SWOT Analysis

The Enlightenment SWOT Analysis equips you to see your path of enlightenment with measurable landmarks. This inventory helps you to evaluate your available Strengths and Opportunities for enlightenment. It also throws light on your Weaknesses, seeds of failure and Threats against the goal of getting more enlightened. It opens your mind to look at yourself in a fresher way and towards a new and noble direction. It can also help you to scale up your output more easily and perform beyond your expectations.

Based on Master Del Pe's Book, 12 Rules to Achieve Enlightenment

Rule 3: Balance Your Material Success And Spiritual Life

You can fly high with 2 big wings: material success and spiritual success. The wise use of resources, under a more just and fair leadership of the enlightened, will distribute wealth to all deserving people and projects. These rich and enlightened leaders will help to finance global missions and the work of the new Saints and Spiritual Masters. Let us start by being the balanced and enlightened human beings that the world needs to see.

Rule 4: Don’t Expect Enlightenment As Magic

If you ever choose to work hard and apply yourself fully, go for the spiritual path because it will yield a more permanent gain which will stay with you even as you go to your next life or the afterworld. Higher enlightenment requires an all-time and any-time commitment. The wonderful thing is that with a systematic curriculum and high-impact global service through a spiritual teacher’s group, you will be accelerated to bypass many lives of searching and experimentation to be enlightened.

Rule 5: Don’t Work for Enlightenment: Let Enlightenment Work For You

Use the gains of your enlightenment as the lubricant for your life’s goals and mission. Work diligently to develop a certain level of wisdom, discrimination and creative power to produce superfast results. One needs a life with less negative karma, including less distractions and self-sabotage, to be able to produce an impeccable output. Pursue character-building to become more aligned to your Soul. Then, you can enjoy the endgame and guarantee a sure win. 

Rule 6: Understand And Apply The Law of Karma In Your Favor

Learn about Karma, its rules and ramifications. The best thing to do is to let go and learn the lesson well, so that you become wiser. Learn how to make Karma work for you. Apply it in your favor daily as a way of life.

Divine Alchemy Level 1

Divine Alchemy is one of the most advanced requirements for Initiation at all levels. In this program, you will:

  1. Study the exoteric and esoteric functions of the 15 major chakras
  2. Learn about their roles in higher development and initiation
  3. Awaken and activate their spiritual functions through alchemy 

Use mantras to re-engineer them with the New Divine Design

Divine Alchemy Level 2

In this program you will learn esoteric strategies to transform and transmute yourself into a world class spiritual server/disciple. You will:

  1. Study the deeper aspects of the science of transformation and transmutation for initiation
  2. Awaken the 13 chakral pairs and empower their dharmic functions in advanced character development
  3. Learn how to clean the chakras, the kundalini and the sushumna with advanced breathing methods, divine light flushing and other esoteric techniques
  4. Experience how to use soul energy to transform and empower the personality faster through alchemy

Divine Alchemy Level 3

This powerful program is a game changer for anyone seeking higher development and initiation. You will be able to transmute negative karma from the past and open new roads to enlightenment and greater service. You will learn to:

  1. Construct the Sushumna wider and higher than most people at your level of initiation and development
  2. Densify and enhance the Kundalini and flow it upwards to fill the Sushumna to the highest level which is safely possible for you
  3. Awaken your Soul chakras and construct the Antahkarana safely
  4. Construct new diamond consciousness from ordinary auric designs

Aquarian Martial Arts-Yoga Science

Regular training will be devoted to the development of higher will-power, focus, self-discipline, agility and self-confidence in the participants. This will also include special self-defense techniques for day-to-day safety and survival. The curriculum will help to reverse aging, boost the immune system, release body toxins and build stamina.

The modern spiritual path not only adheres to the loving kindness of a Saint but also to the persistence, endurance and self-discipline of a soldier. This courageous attitude is one of the most important qualities that good-hearted people don’t usually have, which stops them from creating breakthroughs in world service. Master Del Pe believes that will-power, the heart and the mind are to be harmonized to attain real self-mastery. Martial Arts-Yoga Science provides that missing link.

Group Healing

Master Del Pe and his team will perform group healings to engage participants to resolve their life issues and blockages in their spiritual development. This is an important foundational work which will prepare you for safely awakening your consciousness to greater heights, while avoiding the drama of karmic purging. You will receive energetic healing and adjustment customized to your need and priority issues by our team of specialists. 


The 2 months of ongoing mentoring after the retreat is the key to ensure that you can sustain your new inner development and smoothly progress to your next level. It will help you to clarify your spiritual journey and state of enlightenment in order to pursue your highest potential. Your mentors, facilitators and peers will provide the lasting support to make your enlightened-life journey a success.

About Master Del Pe

Master Del Pe designed the Enlightened-Life Retreat to be a faster, straight forward approach to spiritual awakening by bringing a highly packed curriculum. He believes that inspiration alone does not bring direct results in the long run, because people on the path need real techniques, spiritual tools and systematic strategies to move forward in a more calibrated and serious process until enlightenment happens.

Master Del Pe, personally trained by 4 advanced Masters, had gone through the whole process of enlightenment from a student, apprentice, and disciple until he became a Master himself. Thus, he knows the loopholes of the spiritual path. He created the Enlightened-Life Program to take into account all the requirements for successfully finishing what you start in the path of higher evolution.

He synthesized his teachings from his expertise as a Modern Sage, world philosopher, Esoteric Psychologist and Scientist, a Divine Alchemist, Spiritual Technologist and Third Eye Initiation guru. He also brings to his retreats his mastery of martial arts-yoga, healing science, his engineer’s mind and his entrepreneurial spirit as the founder of 3-USA based institutions: BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership and Global Advancement (WILGA) and World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID).

Author of 12 books, Master Del Pe has travelled to over 100 countries teaching and studying world philosophies, world religions and world cultures. Master Del Pe’s mission includes helping people to master life ahead of its time and to train Saints and Masters as a bridge for the future world.

“The life that you live when you start deliberately serving a good cause, as high as possible depending on your realizations, is a demonstration of your level of enlightenment. This is called your Dharma or Dharmic Path.”

- Master Del Pe

Social proof: testimonials

M.J., Life Coach, (Houston, Texas)

“I went around the world looking for a spiritual teacher even in Tibet, India, China and the Andes mountains but I did not find what I was looking for. You may say I am a seeker who has ‘been there and done that’. When I attended Master Del Pe’s retreat, I knew I had arrived!”