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About Us

Selecting the right institute that can help you achieve a quantum leap of consciousness can often be challenging for spiritual seekers. 

The BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) is a pioneering Institute whose teachings help you to master life ahead of its time. Founded by Master Del Pe, it offers breakthrough strategies, life tools and advanced teachings for future Humanity in new fields of career and service.

BIHC’s Vision, Mission and Philosophy

BIHC’s programs help spiritual seekers, advanced professionals, kingpins, leaders and their families to integrate the best of Eastern Wisdom and Western Practicality. They serve the new needs of Humanity and the world in the fields of spirituality, energy healing and esoteric science. 

Our curriculum for self-mastery will bring you to new spiritual heights by mastering all key areas of your life. From this mastery will come a paradigm shift that will usher in the diamond age of Humanity in which we will be able to maximize our human potential, perform at our highest best and master a life ahead of its time.

BIHC’s Paths

Master Del Pe’s advanced teachings provide a new psychology and practical life tools for Humanity from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and balance. Students will get a Certificate of Participation for each BIHC program completed.


Bestselling programs from each of our 7 Paths:

  1. Meditation Path <link>

  2. Healing Sciences Path <link>

  3. Life Tools Path <link>

  4. Spiritual Technology Path <link>

  5. Will-Power Development Path <link>

  6. Divine Alchemy Path <link>

  7. Esoteric Psychology Path <link>

BIHC courses and programs can be taken in-person with Master Del Pe or through his certified professional trainers and specialists. You can also attend many courses online in the comfort of your homes or offices. You can even take the courses with your family without leaving you house and make it a family event.

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BIHC’s Paths

“Think benevolently;

Speak wisely;

Act fairly; 

Work intelligently;

Share altruistically;

Serve selflessly;

Live moderately:

Success follows;

Fulfillment thereafter.”

- Master Del Pe

   Founder of BIHC

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