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BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) is known as the School of Initiation for advancing spiritual development. Since more than 20 years, our 200+ online programs have helped to transform Humanity and create a more enlightened world. Students from around the world have learned to boost their vitality, heal their emotions, sharpen their mind and awaken the power of their soul. 


Programs range from simple to advanced meditations, BEwell Science™ energy healing techniques, life tools to lead a balanced and fulfilled life, third eye development, will-power boosters, universal philosophies and much more. These programs can also be taken individually and also in groups with your loved ones.  


BIHC combines the convenience of distance learning with online mentoring by an international team of certified professional trainers and facilitators personally trained by Master Del Pe, so you can study, grow and hone new skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home.

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How may we help you?

"I want to...

join an online retreat
learn 8 types of yoga and 12 styles of meditation
improve my family life and relationsips
manifest my goals and dreams
improve my life with spiritual tools
develop my third eye
develop my psychic powers
understand myself and my relationship with macrocosm
attend an in-person retreat
understand karma
learn how to solve crises
develop my 5 levels of intelligence
know if I'm experiencing the dark night of the soul


Join our live and online events, talks, courses, and retreats





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Get 30 days access to over a hundred courses under BIHC's Departments

dharma karma meditation energy

Meditation Department


Divine and Sexual Alchemy Department

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Family and Children's Development Science Department

energy healing aura chakra

Healing Sciences Department

crystal spiritual technology amulets talisman

Spiritual Technology Department

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Global Consciousness Education Department

earth esoteric psychology macrocosm

Esoteric Psychology Department

will power development

Will-Power Development Department

esoteric science 7 cycles manifestation

Esoteric Science Department

meditation inner powers

Science of Inner Power and Human Intelligence Department

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Contact us for a free 30-minute Discovery Session to help you choose the right program so you can get started on your journey of self transformation.


Master Del Pe’s teachings have helped me to understand the power of energy healing and meditation. I am very thankful for being aware now of my inner powers.

N.M., India

My respect for Master Del Pe’s teachings deepened when I attended his esoteric seminars. He has climbed the sacred mountains of the world and brings a wealth of knowledge that cannot be consumed in one lifetime. He is truly a Modern Sage who synthesizes Western Knowledge with Eastern Wisdom.

S.P., Writer, USA

Following the programs has been a very satisfying experience physically, emotionally and mentally. I feel happy and fulfilled.

A.R., South Africa

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Mastery of life is mastery of basics.

- Master Del Pe

Founder of BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness

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