Spiritual Technology Department

Tools for Achievable Enlightenment including Third Eye development

This Department Offers :

Main Courses

  1. (STEC 0) Basic Course on Chakras, Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Psychology
  2. (STEC 1) Advanced Course on Chakras, Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Psychology
  3. (STEC 2) Mastering Your 3rd Eye 1: Culturing your Energy and Physical Bodies for Kundalini Awakening and Karmic Cleansing
  4. (STEC 3) Mastering Your 3rd Eye 2: Kundalini and Sushumna Development and 3rd Eye Assembly Construction
  5. (ETSE 1) Esoteric Tools and System Engineering 1: Kundalini, Sushumna and Antahkarana Construction and Development
  6. (ETSE 2) Esoteric Tool and System Engineering 2: Forehead Sign, Back Throat, Navel Assembly Construction and Development

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