Research and Development Department

Researching, validating and disseminating BIHC’s pioneering strategies

This Department works in 11 major focus areas. Certified Practitioners can work with BIHC teams or be work as consultants to do independent research under BIHC in these areas.

(RAD 1) Meditation R&D

Research focus on Meditation Science and its effects on Productivity, and Performance and its applications such as well-being or conflict resolution and crisis management.

(RAD 2) Energy Healing Science R&D – DABSEM

Research on energy medicine and energy management applications for Healing DABSEM (depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep issues) and other diseases of interest.

(RAD 3) Energy Healing Science R&D – Vices and Addiction

Research on energy medicine and energy management applications for healing addictions and vices like smoking, alcoholism, drug use and other addictions.

(RAD 4) Energy Healing Science R&D – Learning Disorders

Research on healing ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders using BEwell Science.

(RAD 5) Energy Healing Science R&D – HIV/AIDS and Degenerative Disorders

HARP (HIV/AIDS) Research Program: Testing the efficiency of BEwell science techniques to heal HIV/AIDS and their opportunistic diseases for improving the quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients.

(RAD 6) Esoteric Education R&D

Research on Esoteric Psychology, Sexual Alchemy and Divine Intimacy for relationship enhancement, rejuvenation and enlightenment.

(RAD 7) Spiritual Technology R&D

Research on Esoteric Science and Spiritual Technology applications including global consciousness and power development.

(RAD 8) Psychic Lab and Third Eye R&D

Research on psychic powers, inner powers and 3rd Eye applications for enhanced personal to professional performance.

(RAD 9) Will-Power Enhancement R&D

Research on will-power development for performance excellence and developing self control and self discipline.

(RAD 10) Parenting Science R&D

Research focus on applications for parenting techniques and strategy as well as children’s development for consciousness enhancement, virtue development and energy balancing.

(RAD 11) Lifestyle Science R&D

Research on applications and efficacy of energy lifestyle management techniques and strategies for wellness and weight loss.

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