Lifestyle Department

Self-healing, mindfulness, rejuvenation and longevity programs

This department offers :

Body Mindfulness Program (BMP) or Mind Your Body Program (6 Courses)

  1. (BMP 1): Understanding Your Body and its Mechanisms (Basic Level)
  2. (BMP 2): Understanding Your Body and its Mechanisms (Intermediate Level)
  3. (BMP 3): Understanding Your Body and its Mechanisms (Advanced Level)
  4. (BMP 4): Charting Your Total Health Quotient (THQ)
  5. (BMP 5): Stress and Fatigue Management for Busy People
  6. (BMP 6): Self-Healing for Depression, Anxiety, Burnout and Sleep Issues
  7. (BMP 7) Sustainable Weight Loss Program
  8. (BMP 8) Longevity and Rejuvenation Program

Food Mindfulness Program (FMP) or Mind Your Food Program (7 Courses)

  1. (FMP 1): Wisdom Food 1: Understanding Your Best Food
  2. (FMP 2): Wisdom Food 2: Understanding the Secrets of Ayurvedic Food
  3. (FMP 3): Wisdom Food 3: Understanding the Chinese Medicinal Foods
  4. (FMP 4): Wisdom Food 4: Understanding Essential and Healing Oils
  5. (FMP 5): Kitchen Wisdom: Super Foods and Vegetarian Nutrition
  6. (FMP 6): Detox Wisdom: Safe and Effective Detoxification Program
  7. (FMP 7): Weight-Loss Food: Food and Detox that will help Lose Weight Faster

Meditation and Breathing Program (4 Courses)

  1. (MBP 1): Basic Course on Chakras, Energy Anatomy and Spiritual Psychology
  2. (MBP 2): 4 Breathing Techniques that Can Save Your Life
  3. (MBP 3): Inner Renewal Meditation: Heal your Past and Empower Your Future
  4. (MBP 4): Namascar Meditation: Awakening the Power of Your Soul

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