Global Consciousness Education Department

Study world philosophies, cultures and religions through travel to sacred places

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(GCE 1) Indian Yatra: Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Indian Culture

A journey to 5 major cities/locations and several Yogic hubs along the Ganges River including many sacred shrines and temples for Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

(GCE 2) Path of Buddha Retreat: Buddhism and the Nepalese and North Indian Culture

A journey to 10 important destinations/locations in Nepalese Himalayas to Northern India tracing the life of Lord Buddha

(GCE3) Path of Jesus: Christianity and Introduction to Judaism

Explore and immerse in the essence of the 10 important destinations in Israel and Jordan tracing the life of Jesus from birth to death including his baptismal place in the river Jordan. Includes passing through the holy sites of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

(GCE 4) Path of Lao Tze and Confucius

Traverse through 10 important destinations/locations in China including the Great Wall, Mount Taishan (Holiest Taoist Mountain and Qong Fu (Birthplace of Confucius).

(GCE 5) Italian Retreat: Path of the Italian Masters and Vatican

A journey through 10 cities including the Vatican, La Verna, the Holy Mountain of St Francis of Assisi and the homes and birthplaces of Italian Masters.

(GCE 6) The Greek Journey: The Ancient and Modern Greece, Greek Philosophy and Christianity

A journey across 10 destinations in Greece including Mount Olympus, Meteora, Parthenon, School of Aristotle at Souza, Birthplace of Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki and Athens

(GCE 7) The Path of Islam: Journey covering Turkey, Dubai, Islam and Middle East Culture

Immersion program in the treasures of Turkey (5 days) and Dubai/UAE (3 days) including a bonus trip to the Tomb of St John the Beloved in Ephesus, Turkey and a Desert Safari.

(GCE 8) The Egyptian Culture and the Red Sea Retreat

A journey through Egypt including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Alexandria, ancient Egyptian caves, the Red Sea and the Holy Mount Sinai (holy mountain of Moses and Abrahamic Religions).

(GCE 9) The Hawaiian Retreat: Polynesian Culture and the Pacific Islands

A journey through the marvels of the Big Island of Hawaii experiencing the best Pacific Beaches, live volcanoes, international observatories of astronomy and advanced Cosmic Telescopes. This includes a bonus trip to Los Angeles and Hollywood for a day.

(GCE 10) The Center of the World Retreat: The Equatorial Line experience in Ecuador and Study of Latin/South American Culture and Incan Culture

A journey through Ecuador’s equatorial line experiencing the miracles of Latitude Zero and also the 14 feet altitude volcanic hot spring resorts (best in the world) inside the crater. This also includes an exploratory trip to Machupichio, the Peruvian jungles, Cusco and Ancient Peru.

(GCE 11) Japan Retreat: Shintoism, Japanese Buddhism and the Japanese Culture

An expedition across urban and rural Japan studying the Japanese Culture, Shintoism, Japanese Buddhism, Martial Arts and the Geisha Culture.]

(GCE 12) Scandinavian Journey: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Scandinavian and Viking Culture

A journey through the most beautiful destinations to study the Scandinavian Culture and experience the Arctic Circle passing through the multitudinous lakes of Sweden and Finland and the Fjords of Norway.

(GCE 13) The Gobi Experience: Mongolia, Siberia, the Gobi Desert and the White Island of Shamballa

A journey across Mongolia and Gobi Desert discovering the landmarks of the most sacred place on Earth-the White Island of Shamballa.

(GCE 14) The Australian and New Zealand Journey: Australia, New Zealand and the Maori Culture

A retreat experiencing Australia’s beauty and New Zealand’s splendor where one can learn about the Maori Culture and the Original Continent.

Convention and Convocation (4 courses)

  1. (GCE 15) Aquarian Full Moon Event and Retreat
  2. (GCE 16) Easter Full Moon Event and Retreat
  3. (GCE 17) Wesak Full Moon Event and Retreat
  4. (GCE 18) Goodwill Event and Retreat
  5. (GCE 19) International Convention for Higher Consciousness (ICHC) – An international convention inviting participants around the world to study and discuss topics to awaken the power of their soul and divinity. It is a display of the most advanced techniques and strategies to foster universal consciousness and expand consciousness faster than normal methods. The convention exposes participants with the latest breakthrough methods to awaken inner powers and super human intelligence safely. Workshops on the 8 types of yoga and 12 styles of meditation including martial arts are included in the intense 3-day event.

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