The BIHC Curriculum and Programs

BIHC offers over 200+ workshops and training in 12 Departments that synthesize ancient wisdom with modern practicality to master life ahead of its time. The comprehensive curriculum is a breakthrough feat in improving the quality of life and uplifting towards higher consciousness. You can find your next life-changing workshop in our 12 Departments;

The BIHC Departments –

  1. Meditation Department
    Learn safe and effective Meditations to improve performance and connect to the Soul
  1. Healing Science Department
    Powerful, pioneering Energy Management curriculum to improve 5 levels of health
  1. Esoteric Psychology Department
    Secrets of Eastern wisdom to evolve from a life of suffering to a life of service
  1. Esoteric Science Department
    Reveals the Cycles of Life, Wisdom Feng Shui, Laws of Manifestation, Sacred Sounds and more
  1. Divine and Sexual Alchemy Department
    The Science of Transformation and Transmutation including Kundalini Science to enrich your life
  1. Spiritual Technology Department
    Tools for Achievable Enlightenment including Third Eye development
  1. Will-Power Department
    Develop internal stamina and mental will-power
  1. Science of Inner Power Development & Human Intelligence Department
    Master 5 Levels of Intelligence – plus 9 Psychic Powers
  1. Family and Children’s Development Science Department
    Maximize the potential of every family member while increasing harmony
  1. Lifestyle Science Department
    Self-healing, mindfulness, rejuvenation and longevity programs
  1. Global Consciousness Education Department
    Study world philosophies, cultures and religions through travel to sacred places
  1. Research and Development Department
    Researching, validating and disseminating BIHC’s pioneering strategies

We offer our services and workshops on 4 platforms for our clients to avail for the most comprehensive experience:

  1. Online: Many courses are offered online to be taken at the comfort of your home to be viewed at your convenience.
  2. In Person: The more advanced courses are offered only in person with Master Del Pe, BIHC’s Founder or other senior trainers and facilitators.
  3. Combination training: Select workshops and training programs can be availed through partly online viewing and partly in person practicum.
  4. Retreats: Our Global Consciousness Education programs offer 10-day immersion programs to the secret spots of the sages across the world for rejuvenation and enlightening experiences.

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