The session was awesome. I feel blessed, happy mentally and physically. As I am a short tempered person, the exercises helped me to control my anger and it also helped me to improve my relationship with others.

author-img - AN

These workshops give me peace of mind. They are very beneficial to the mind as well as my body. I had a really good time during the Training session.
author-img - JK

By the end of the day teaching kindergarten, I used to feel very stressed. This influenced the relationships I had at school with the children, parents and teachers.

Thanks to the practical techniques and strategies I learned from Master Del Pe, now I can handle the stress and fatigue of my work. My emotions are calmer and I have greater mental clarity. As a result my relationships with children, parents and my colleagues have improved.

The children express a greater openness to learn and are more willing to listen.

The parents and I are working together to find positive solutions for their children. My co-workers and I are dedicated to creating a team to improve the welfare of all the children.

author-img - AB
Kindergarten Teacher, Italy

I felt so light after doing the exercises. I am really relaxed after doing all of the techniques. I want to thank you for sharing this new way to relax our mind and body.
- RR

I have really no words to explain how effective the techniques are. I feel very enthusiastic and energetic after the exercises, and I also feel that my inner power is getting strong. I feel very strong mentally and emotionally.
author-img - AM

Since the time I started with the healing sessions [for Spondylitis] , I felt my health is getting better by 25-30%. I am feeling really refreshed and happy now. I found improvement in the pain also.
author-img - S J

It’s helping me a lot to deal with issues in a better way. I am still a long way to resolve everything in my life. But with the help of the healers I will understand how to. It is good experience to be with such a talented people.
author-img - A S