The BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC)

The BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC) is a pioneering Institute that will help you develop your higher consciousness by providing a quantum leap in new philosophies, psychologies and strategies to achieve a more enlightened life and fulfilled career.

Takers of our programs around the world can be certified to augment their career or establish a new employable profession, but most often our participants bring home life tools to boost vitality, heal the emotions, and sharpen the mind and awakening the power of their souls.

Master-Del-PeMaster Del Pe, Modern Sage and world expert in maximizing performance, healing and achievable enlightenment as well as a martial arts master, founded BIHC. He is the architect of over 190 courses that synthesize the best of Eastern wisdom and Western science experienced in his travels and research of over 100 countries. All his enlightened experiences through the personal mentoring from four enlightened sages from the Himalayas in Asia have been distilled into the different courses in the 12 Departments of BIHC.

In addition to the powerful new strategies and psychologies put forth by Master Del Pe, BIHC combines the convenience of Distant Learning online training with mentoring supported by our team of Facilitators so you can study, grow and hone new skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home or office. You can also attend our best-seller Retreats offered in the most spectacular destinations and sacred places on Earth to experience the best time of your life. Our advanced training programs can be taken in person with our team of world-class trainers or Master Del Pe himself.

You can be Certified as a full time or part time career to become a BIHC Facilitator, Coach & Specialist or Trainer.

BIHC is becoming the global center of break-through strategies that can help you, your family and friends to maximize your human potential, perform at your highest best and live your greatest life.

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